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Want a leveling system that works? Well, here is a brilliant idea; Lynx Levelers, adult Legos for campers!

Use Lynx Levelers to customize all your leveling needs. They are durable, bright orange, and interlock together to create different heights. Wood can be heavy and gives you slivers, not to mention the space they take up. But these levelers work magic, are lightweight, easy to see, and come in a compact storage bag with a carrying handle. Plus, they now include a 20-year warranty!

They can be used on all terrains and create a great solid base for uneven, wet, or muddy surfaces. These are not just great for leveling! Stack these on top of each other to create different heights for use under stabilizers, hydraulic, and tongue jacks.

Why stop with your RV? Lynx levelers can be used with trailers, cars, trucks, and marine. Sometimes trailer bumpers dig into the [...]


Is An RV Upgrade On Your New Year’s Wish List?

Make this year’s resolution all about living a healthier lifestyle and spending more time with family and friends. Think about giving your family more time and memories by hitting the open road in 2018. Staying in an RV promotes being outdoors whereas staying in a big house promotes sitting on the sofa, binge-eating, and watching Netflix on the sofa.

Do you need more space or accommodations? Think about trading in your RV for a different model. RV’s are more user-friendly with many more upgrades, luxury options, and floor-plans than ever before. On a tight budget or a first-time buyer? Consider our used inventory where you can save on [...]


Warm up with this cocktail laced with whiskey and honey for a smooth and cozy drink!

Need to warm up this winter? Try this amazing recipe from the Sugar and Soul Co. Rebecca, describes this recipe as a nice and RICH drink due to the 3 different forms of chocolate and creamy texture from the milk and heavy cream. Bring in a touch of honey, graham cracker crumbs, a bit of whiskey, and top it off with toasted marshmallow fluff and enjoy by a cozy fireplace. We can’t wait to try this out.

Want a kid-friendly version? Try out this recipe from Camping For Foodies!


OXYGENICS Pure Shower Genius


Do you struggle with water pressure in your camper while trying to take a shower? Well, so did Joe in our sales department. After he heard other RV’er singing praise about the Oxygenics shower kit; he bought one to try out for himself. Installation was easy because the kit includes an articulated handle and shower mount that peels and sticks to the shower panel. The kit also includes a 60″ hose and shower head with a SmartPause valve. He had it installed in less than 15 minutes.

We decided to bring this product to our store this past year and our customers love it and have confirmed that it makes a big difference. Our customers have said that it makes regulating the water temperature easier, improves shower pressure and spray, have noticed it helps conserve water, and [...]

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