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Want a leveling system that works? Well, here is a brilliant idea; Lynx Levelers, adult Legos for campers!

Use Lynx Levelers to customize all your leveling needs. They are durable, bright orange, and interlock together to create different heights. Wood can be heavy and gives you slivers, not to mention the space they take up. But these levelers work magic, are lightweight, easy to see, and come in a compact storage bag with a carrying handle. Plus, they include a 3-year warranty!

They can be used on all terrains and create a great solid base for uneven, wet, or muddy surfaces. These are not just great for leveling! Stack these on top of each other to create different heights for use under stabilizers, hydraulic, and tongue jacks.

Why stop with your RV? Lynx levelers can be used with trailers, cars, trucks, and marine. Sometimes trailer bumpers dig into the ground so you can use lynx levelers to build up a ramp to get past any sticking points. Raise up your car or truck when washing your vehicle for extra height to get your tires nice and clean. If you have tandem axles or need more height to park in a raised storage shed; then buy more packs to add to your existing kit to stack up for even higher heights.

We highly recommend this product. They are easy to wash off, carry, and store. We carry these on hand at both of our stores’ locations because they are a great multi-use tool to have.

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