OXYGENICS Pure Shower Genius


Do you struggle with water pressure in your camper while trying to take a shower? Well, so did Joe in our sales department. After he heard other RV’er singing praise about the Oxygenics shower kit; he bought one to try out for himself. Installation was easy because the kit includes an articulated handle and shower mount that peels and sticks to the shower panel. The kit also includes a 60″ hose and shower head with a SmartPause valve. He had it installed in less than 15 minutes.

We decided to bring this product to our store this past year and our customers love it and have confirmed that it makes a big difference. Our customers have said that it makes regulating the water temperature easier, improves shower pressure and spray, have noticed it helps conserve water, and like the updated and sleek design.

This is a must-have upgrade! Their patented technology works like a mini turbine jet – infusing water with oxygen to expand each drop of water and significantly increase power. Plus “Never Clog!” guarantee with a lifetime performance warranty against failure or clogging. You can choose from three different colors: Silver, chrome, and white. Great gift idea!

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